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Almut Brunckhorst and Cat Felix

Felix came to live with me as the result of a tragic incidence. One night someone had apparently with a gas pistol, killed my cat, which I had taken with me from Belgium. I was really sad, because 'Carbonel' was a very clever sweetheart, but I decided to take another cat immediately.

So I adopted Felix, or rather, he adopted me. He lived on our court yard and always came close when I called him. Once I offered him food, and he jumped immediately on my lap and enjoyed it.  So I took him home. He adjusted very quickly: by now, he refuses anything but expensive cat food in little packs and sleeps in my bed! He spends the day outside, using his cat flap to go in and out. He is very good friends with the other cats on our court yard, but they fear him a little bit. I think, because he is so well nourished and beautiful. As much as he enjoys to be outside when I am away, he likes going for a small walk with me in the evening, playing hide and seek in the snow and sitting on my lap when I watch TV. It is very easy too find well-behaved, affectionate cats on Moscow's streets. If you consider having a cat, go and adopt one rather than buy one.