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Elizabeth Sullivan & Cat Kashmare

I adopted two cats from the market and one homeless cat from the 'dvor' (yard). Here is a picture of my Kashmare , the dvor cat.

My family has always had cats. We adopted all of our cats from either shelters or friends. When I decided to get a cat, I got one from a woman in the market who adopted homeless kittens and sold them for small amounts of money.

Malinka quickly took over my flat and my life. She demanded company so, six weeks later, I doped another kitten to keep her company.

Kieska and Malinka lived together happily for five years until a friend of mine found a tiny kitten cold and shivering in our courtyard in January 2002. She couldn't have both a dog and a cat in her flat so this little boy joined my girls. He turned the place upside down and wreaked havoc in my girls' comfortable life. I decided that the only appropriate name for our boy cat was Kashmare (this is the Russian word for 'nightmare').

I think everyone needs a pet. I can't imagine coming home to an empty flat without my cats demanding their supper and attention.