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The Hjalmarsson Family and Cats Tolstoy & Luba

Lars & Astrid Rejding had two little kittens in their yard. They first saw them in August. At the beginning of September, Astrid found one of the kittens in an extremely bad condition. His eyes were closed and totally infected, and so was the nose. He even could not find his way as he was blind. He was around 7 to 8 weeks old.

Astrid took him home and thought that she had no choice but to put him to sleep forever. However, the kitten had a good appetite, which was a small sign of hope. The veterinary diagnosed a very bad case of conjunctivitis and gave the kitten a lot of eye drops and medication. After few days the kitten seemed to recover a bit, but the eyes were still big red holes with no eyeballs to see.

Eight days later, the kitten moved to our home and entered our lives. He was a small grey and white fluffy thing with one eye still infected, but he was doing well. We named him Tolstoy. We did not know whether he had a potential future in literature, but we thought that he surely would grow big. He was eating a lot and had big paws - back paws like a kangaroo.

Now five months old, Tolstoy is a big boy cat very sweet and gentle.

The other kitten was left alone in the garden together with a group of grown-up cats. She was sitting alone having nobody to play with. She was small in size and would probably not make it over the winter. Late October, she was also rescued by Astrid and came to our home. We named her Little Luba.

Luba, however, was in a much better condition that Tolstoy. She was very eager with the food and still is. At five months, she is still small - about half the size of her brother - and of a lighter silver grey color.

Brother and sister have now much fun together, playing a lot, racing each other through our flat chasing mice (toy ones!). They sleep together and clean each other. They love to sit and watch the birds in the trees from our bathroom windows. We are happy that they are re-united.

And here is a little story - in pictures - of Luba's new hobby:

There might be a slight problem there??

Oh well, I’d better check the front part also.

Great! I found out what the problem was.

And finally - here are some other cute photos of these two lucky cats: