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The Hradec Family and Kittens Oreo & Snickers

Call me spontaneous and probably a little anxious, but I could not resist and after I saw them I had to adopt two. Both males and we named the black and white one, Oreo and the brown tiger stripped, Snickers. We apparently enjoy our candy bars around here.

The lady was very nice and a really good salesman. OK...it might have had something to do with their adorable little faces and cute little features.

My husband arranged the driver to help me as well as have his assistant call and verify the address. His assistant will also be the one to help us when we leave for our States trip in three weeks. So, it all works out and was meant to be. Now, I just need to coordinate with the vets for their first visit and whatever else the kittens need. I will call Valeria tomorrow or Thursday.

My girls are truly in heaven and it was hard to focus on homework tonight...