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The Fragomeni Family and Dog Gosha

Back in February of 2007 I visited Beethoven pet store on Leninsky to purchase some food for my labrador. Inside the store sound asleep was a very large sweet looking dog that I later found out was named Gosha. I crouched down to pet him and when I looked into his big brown eyes I knew that somehow I had to convince my husband I needed to make him part of our family. Later that night I was browsing on the Moscow Animal website and saw that Gosha was indeed up for adoption. I showed my husband the photo and he agreed that we needed to give him a home.

Gosha was quite sick back in May. He had a very large tumor that was pressing on his bladder, and kidneys. His prostate was double the size it should have been. We had him fixed and he was on a very strong anitbiotic for 3 weeks and when we took him for a follow up ultra sound the tumor had reduced in size by half. He's on his way to a full recovery!! I honestly believe he was placed with me for a reason. Yuri, our vet, says he would not have survived much longer if this problem was left untreated..

It has been four months since we brought Gosha home and he has adjusted amazingly well. He is very intelligent and so gentle with our two small children. We are leaving Moscow this week and heading home to Canada with our newest family member.

Gosha has brought so much joy to our family.  I think he's pretty happy too!

The Fragomeni Family P.S - I've sent some photos of Gosha enjoying life with family and friends.

Staff at Beethoven on Leninsky with Gosha's Photos on June 18, 2007.