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Jean & David Millwee and Dog Bowden

Hi my name is Bowden.

February 2006, on a very cold day in Moscow, a nice street cleaner allowed me to warm up in a building where wonderful animal lovers, Lars and Astrid, happened to live. I went up the stairs and waited outside of their door all day. Lars and Astrid already had two dogs and three cats living with them so there wasn’t room for me, but Astrid was nice enough to call her friend Jean to see if she would mind taking me in until they could find a home for me. When Jean got the call she new she really wanted a dog and figured once she saw me she would want to keep me, so she called her husband at work to see if it would be ok to keep me. Her husband, David said yes because he loves dogs too and really wanted one. That is how I came to live with my new family, Jean and David.

When I first moved in I was in pretty bad shape since there wasn’t enough food or a place to get a bath on the streets of Moscow.

Jean and David gave me several baths, lots of brushing and called a professional groomer who did a nice job of cleaning me up and with the help of the vets in Moscow and regular meals I am now completely healthy and happy.

Recently, we all moved to the US where I have my own back yard and nice trails to go on long walks. I get lots of affection and play time. I am so grateful to have a nice home and nice family and they are very grateful to have me.