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The Burggraaf Family and Kitten Moskvich

Moskvich was rescued by vets Yuri & Valeria in February 2008. He was adopted by the Burggraaf (Pieter and Lina and their children Stefanie and Bartjan) family from the Netherlands and moved to his new home straight away (thanks to Valeria, who arranged all the required documents for customs – Moskivch traveled from Moscow to the Netherlands by car). As you can see from the photos below, he is being spoiled rotten by his new family!

Here is a letter we recently received from Lina Buggraaf:

"YOU ARE GREAT!!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH and for arranging all the papers and for photos of this kitten. You've made me and the kids very happy. He is adorable, cute, sweet (when he is sleeping), but he is getting very naughty now… I think he misses Pieter (he is like a mother for the little one, he runs like a tail behind Pieter all day when he’s here) so when Pieter left home to drive to Moscow again, Moskvich was damaging all the curtains and the carpet and bit me because I am not Pieter. It was funny to see how he misses him. But now he is a little bit quieter and we hope that he will love it here. The kids took some photos of Moskvich during his first week here and have ordered some lovely cat furniture for him – they are spoiling him too much. Thank you for all your work want you've done and our friends as well. Lina Burggraaf”