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My husband and I could not be happier with our new addition to the family. "Natasha", as we have named her, is a 8 week old female kitten with a lot of energy. She is very friendly and took to us right away! We were amazed at how quickly she felt at home after her first visit to our apartment, as if she had been living there all along. We would encourage any one else looking for a new pet to consider moscowanimals.org....we did because we wanted get an animal off the streets and into a home with the care it deserves. We were also very pleased that Natasha had all of her shots and papers which made the adoption very convenient for us. If we decide to get Natasha a playmate in the future, we will definitely go through moscowanimals again.


(Submitted by Christina McLaren).

Hello, my name is Kiara , well at least that's the name my adoptive family call me. I'm sure I must have had a Russian one, but I was only six weeks old when a very kind lady called Barbara rescued me and my family off the streets of Moscow . Since then I have moved into a nice, warm apartment with four humans; the two children are very nice and give me breakfast and dinner each day. I sometimes drive the lady human crazy when I dig up all her plants and make a dreadful mess on her floor, but she forgives me and then I do it all over again! I sit on the window sill a lot and watch some funny white stuff falling from the sky which I try very hard to catch with my paws, but something gets in the way and I never seem to catch any! I also like to bite this long furry thing that follows me around everywhere, but when I give it a nibble it hurts, I think the humans call it my tail..I have lots of toys to play with and have had great fun shredding my play mouse which I chase all over the apartment until it goes underneath the settee and I cry till someone fetches it out for me. Mostly I like all the cuddles and kisses that the two children give me and I cry when they go to bed as I love to curl up with them and go to sleep, but that's not allowed. I think that I'm a very lucky kitten as there are lots of other cats on the streets who are abandoned, cold and hungry and should anyone read this who could give a home to help others like me, then please contact

Felix the Cat (Almut Brunckhorst)

Felix came to live with me as the result of a tragic incidence. One night someone had apparently with a gas pistol, killed my cat, which I had taken with me from Belgium. I was really sad, because 'Carbonel' was a very clever sweetheart, but I decided to take another cat immediately. 

So I adopted Felix, or rather, he adopted me. He lived on our court yard and always came close when I called him. Once I offered him food, and he jumped immediately on my lap and enjoyed it.  So I took him home. He adjusted very quickly: by now, he refuses anything but expensive cat food in little packs and sleeps in my bed! He spends the day outside, using his cat flap to go in and out. He is very good friends with the other cats on our court yard, but they fear him a little bit. I think, because he is so well nourished and beautiful. As much as he enjoys to be outside when I am away, he likes going for a small walk with me in the evening, playing hide and seek in the snow and sitting on my lap when I watch TV. It is very easy too find well-behaved, affectionate cats on Moscow's streets. If you consider having a cat, go and adopt one rather than buy one.

Rika Okubo & Vivid


We have lived in Moscow, in a comfortable Russian apartment for two years. There are nice playgrounds , sport courts around us but to my concern our three kids are very timid to go outside. They are scared of Russians. So when my daughter asked for a new pet instead of her previous pet hamster which passed away this Spring, I thought of keeping a dog might help the children to go outside and play.

I heard from one of the IWC members that there's a dog shelter. She highly recommended to adopt a dog rather than buying one in a market because of hygienic reason. I also noticed that at the shelter, it's much convenient to find the exact kind of dog we want.

We decided to have an adult dog, not a puppy. Raising a puppy is of course a gorgeous experience but it will ruin the house. Since all our furniture belongs to the landowner, we had to give up the puppy fun. The size of the dog must not be too big concerning our daughter's size (she turned 8 in summer), it shouldn't be noisy because we live in a apartment, it must be not a puppy but also not too old because it has to be strong enough to play with three children, etc.

Mrs.Yasuko Naka greatly helped us look for the dog that will suit all the conditions. And we met Vivian.

My daughter picked her. This is her comments about Vivian (or Vivi which comes from the sound of Japanese adjective meaning 'timid'.) "When I first saw Vivi, I thought she's very cute and pretty, but very shy and scary. All other dogs had there own table to hide underneath, but Vivi was alone at the corner and couldn't hide herself. I felt sorry for her. But she was friendly when I reached her. So I chose her."

Now 2 months have passed since Vivian joined our family. At first she acted shy but now she's more relaxed. She is amazingly clever, and very obedient but we enjoy the most when she squeezes herself among children and me trying to win mommy's love. We all love her very much and feel that we are very lucky to have her.

Rika Okubo .

Elizabeth Sullivan (Brunswick Warburg Moscow):

  I adopted 2 cats from the market and one homeless cat from the 'dvor' (yard). Here is a picture of my Kashmare , the dvor cat.

My family has always had cats. We adopted all of our cats from either shelters or friends. When I decided to get a cat, I got one from a woman in the market who adopted homeless kittens and sold them for small amounts of money.

Malinka quickly took over my flat and my life. She demanded company so, six weeks later, I doped another kitten to keep her company.

Kieska and Malinka lived together happily for five years until a friend of mine found a tiny kitten cold and shivering in our courtyard in January 2002. She couldn't have both a dog and a cat in her flat so this little boy joined my girls. He turned the place upside down and wreaked havoc in my girls' comfortable life. I decided that the only appropriate name for our boy cat was Kashmare (this is the Russian word for 'nightmare').

I think everyone needs a pet. I can't imagine coming home to an empty flat without my cats demanding their supper and attention.

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