Happy Endings - 4

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Svetlana & Todd Esposito with 3-months-old kitten Masha - the latest addition to their cat family (Svetlana and Todd already owned two cats prior to adopting Masha).  

"My name is Melissa and I live with my new family: two people, two cats and my little dog brother. They were all here before me and at night we gather at the foot of the huge bed and share our tales from the big wide scary world.

The cats frighten us with tales of really tall buildings that, if you stand right on the top of them, make all the people look like mice. But you can't jump on them because then you would die. That's their first memory of life because that's where someone put them.

The cats have been living with my people for six years now and had the place to themselves until my brother came along. He told me that they used to bully him! But he nearly died once and they helped nurse him back to health. (He was attacked by street dogs, but he does look like a small fluffy hamburger so I can understand the pack's mistake!)

I don't remember much about my past so I can't outdo them in the horror story stakes! But I think someone used to beat me because I was scared when the people put their hands near me (until I realised they were only putting a walking collar on). My people asked me if I had run away from the circus because I can do great balancing acts on my front legs!

The day I got lost it was raining and someone gave me shelter for a few months until a family was found for me. I am so happy now with my own home, my own people, a little brother I can teach about life, cats I can chase whenever I like and a local park.

I hope that other cats and dogs will be as lucky as us, because there is no happier feeling in the world than having your own home and family. And I know for a fact that my people believe there is no happier feeling in the world than having a cat or a dog waiting to love them when they walk through their door. "


(Submitted by Laura Thompson)

I think it was the look that Plyushka gave me when I first saw her that sealed it for me. A long, hard, dignified stare that popped out of her white little face, through one blue and one brown eye.

Not to mention her ears.

Or the fact that her tail wags up and down not side to side.

It really is just as well that she is deaf or else she would have disowned me already for the songs I sing to her about how beautiful she is and she would be completely conceited already from all the adoring comments she gets on a daily basis, not just from me but also from passers by.

All this, and she keeps me fit and she gets me out of work earlier as I can't wait to get home to see her.

I love her.

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