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Recommended Veterinary Individuals & Clinics


Dr. Yuri and Valeria Shishmaryov


Allied Pickfords Moscow, Delight Realty, Infinity Travel, International SOS, NB Gallery, and Capital Tours & Patriarshy Dom Tours all recommend Moscow's friendliest English-speaking vets - Dr. Yuri and Valeria Shishmaryov. 


Yuri and Valeria and one sad-looking kitten called Sanya!

 They are husband and wife: Yuri is a state-licensed vet, and Valeria is a professional interpreter who speaks fluent English. They make house calls and will come to see you together, so there won't be any communication problems. Many expatriates in Moscow are happily using Yuri and Valeria's services, but if you'd like a personal recommendation from us, please contact Barbara Spier or Vladislav Dubov on (+7 095) 796-93-25, or send an e-mail to

  • 24-hour house calls and emergency visits (including residential compounds Rosinka, Pokrovsky Hills, Syetun, Moscow Country Club, Chaika, Barvikha, Zhukova, etc.).

  • All vaccinations.

  • All required state veterinarian documents (international travel passports, export permits, etc.) for the export of pets from the Russian Federation.

  • Airport & travel assistance: escort of pets & their owners to SVO airport and through SVO customs; meeting of pets & their owners at SVO airport for import customs clearance; transportation to SVO airport, export customs clearance and shipment of pets in your absence.

  • Delivery of veterinary medications to your house.

  • Laboratory tests, x-rays and surgery are carried out at a clinic in Moscow.

  • If you would like to adopt or buy a cat or dog, Yuri and Valeria will help you in choosing a suitable and healthy companion for you and your family.

  • Pet hotel / boarding services.

  • Discounts for regular clients.


Dr. Yuri Shishmaryov (DVM) and Valeria Shishmaryova
(Dr. Shishmaryov is associated with the Veterinary Clinic "Movet")
TEL: (+7 095) 200-03-88
TEL: 8-2-906-25-10 (mobile)
TEL: 8-501-439-39-56 (mobile),
(+7 501) 439-39-56 (when calling from abroad)



2.  Veterinary Clinic Movet (Dogs, Cats and Small Animals)

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Tel: 142-01-04, 142-01-05

Recommended Veterinarians:

Dr. Lena Gauss, DVM

Tel: 142-01-05 (clinic), 301-50-90 (home)

Dr. Alexander Kuzmin, DVM, Member of the American Animal Hospital Association Clinic Director
Tel: 142-01-05 (clinic), 104-83-52 (mobile)
Dr. Yuri Shishmaryov, DVM
Tel: 200-03-88 (home), 8-501-439-39-56 (mobile)


Movet's services include

  • All kinds of examinations and surgeries

  • All laboratory tests (blood and urine)

  • Intensive care unit

  • X-rays

  • Ultrasounds

  • Gastroscopy

  • Vaccinations

  • All state veterinarian documents (international travel passports)

  • The clinic is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    The above doctors speak English and make emergency house calls.


Ulitsa Vasilisy Kozhinoy d.23
Metro Filyevsky Park

3. Veterinary Clinic "Tsentr" (Center)

Tsvetnoy Bulvar d.11, Building 1
Metro Tsvetnoy Bulvar
Tel: 921-63-76, 921-65-65
http://www.vetcentr.ru (Russian)

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Full service veterinary clinic right in the heart of Moscow. Open 24 hours a day. Services include therapy, surgery, vaccinations, ophthalmology, physiotherapy and laboratory services. They also handle exotic animals. A pet food store called "U Kisa" (At Kitty's) is located right next to the clinic.

4.  Veterinary Clinic "Blisnetzy" (Gemini)

Ulitsa Mitinskaya, Vladeniye 27
(No metro)

Tel: 107-03-57


This clinic is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is a 50% surcharge on all services requested after 8pm. This clinic offers full laboratory and diagnostic services, including blood, urine and stool analyses, vaccinations, and export documents for pets. They have general vets and surgeons, and a dentist will see your pet on request. A pet food and accessory store is located inside the clinic, as is a veterinary pharmacy. The vets and staff do not speak English, but because of proximity, this clinic is great for those living in Rosinka, the Moscow Country Club and Pokrovsky Hills - especially if you speak sufficient Russian to communicate with the vets. According to Helena, who recommended this clinic to us, the clinic is clean, the staff is friendly, and prices are reasonable.

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